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Discover new work and study opportunities worldwide with a range of online English courses designed to improve your English speaking and writing skills.

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Learning English can open a wide variety of opportunities - from studying in an English-speaking country through to increased career options both within your home country and abroad.

As a globally important language, there’s never been a better time to take a course on learning English.

The benefits of learning English

As well as being the official language of 53 countries, English is also spoken by around 400 million people worldwide and is the lingua franca in business. It’s easy to see why so many people want to learn and improve their skills in this language. With an online course, you can do exactly that.

Many educational institutions are also offering courses taught in English. So, if you want to study anywhere around the world, it can be highly beneficial to improve your understanding of the language so that you can understand course materials and even take the IELTS test.

Similarly, if you’re teaching people English as a second language, it can be useful to know how the various assessments work.

By studying online, you get access to all of the essential information you need in one place. You can log on to your account from just about anywhere, and study at a time that’s convenient for you.

Choosing an English language course

FutureLearn’s selection of learn English courses cover a diverse range of topics. There are resources for students of English, covering topics such as basic English and how to write in English for university study.

For those who are planning on taking an IELTS qualification, you can find courses on understanding the listening, writing, speaking and reading components. These courses are also useful for those who are teaching students preparing for the IELTS test.

It’s not just existing students who can benefit from taking an online learn English course either.

A course on English in the workplace is suitable for job seekers and professionals who would like to improve their subject-specific vocabulary.

For academics, you can find several courses that can boost your credentials. With a course on English as a medium for instruction, you can improve both your English skills and your intercultural knowledge.

How long does an English course take?

Many of our courses can be completed over a period of a few weeks. The shortest tend to take around two weeks to complete, with three hours of study required each week. More intense courses can take up to six weeks, requiring three to six hours of study each week.


Can I learn English online?

With plenty of practice, you can learn English online. You can join one of our courses to learn vocabulary and practice your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

To supplement your learning, you can also read books, watch TV, and listen to music in English. Our courses are completely online, so you’re free to study whenever suits you. You can also learn from anywhere in the world on a digital device.

How difficult is it to learn English?

The English language is considered to be one of the most challenging languages to learn. There are lots of inconsistencies, illogical rules, and difficult spellings. However, everyone has the ability to learn.

Our courses are simple to follow and created by experts, so you’ll be in good hands. Additionally, English is an accessible language to learn because there are so many resources available to help you practice.

What are the top English language courses?

We have a wide selection of great English language courses for you. If you’re a total beginner, our Basic English 1: Elementary course by KCL is one of our most popular courses ever, or you might want to practice for your IELTS exam with our top-rated ExpertTrack from the British Council.

If you’re looking for something more specific, some other highly rated courses we have available include Writing in English for University Study, Learn English Through TV Drama Series, and English for the Workplace, where you can develop the language skills needed to find a job.

How can learning English help my career prospects?

No matter where you’re from, learning a new language is beneficial. Being multilingual can improve your networking skills, negotiation skills, and your understanding of international relations.

English specifically can be useful to learn because it is spoken in so many different countries, so you’ll be able to work anywhere in the world. You might even be eligible for more promotions and travel opportunities due to your English proficiency.

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