How has COVID-19 affected education?

As coronavirus continues to upend daily routines across the globe, one of the sectors hardest hit has been education.

In Italy, schools and universities have been shut down until at least April 2020, and we can expect to see other European countries follow suit as governments take precautionary measures to halt the spread of infection.

Having physical lectures cancelled and libraries closed is disruptive to students and educators alike, although the health of both has to be the number one priority. Nevertheless, cancelled classes needn’t mean educators can’t contact students or even teach remotely.

Learn to teach online

Teaching online isn’t a completely different skill from teaching in person, but it does require knowledge of the techniques and best practices to get the job done. With the right training, educators should be able to comfortably bridge the distance between themselves and students using the internet.

Indeed, even for those unaffected by the chaos caused by COVID-19, knowing how to teach online is a valuable skill for any educator – an aspect of learning being employed more and more by educational institutions as part of their everyday curriculum.

Top teaching online courses

FutureLearn are proud to partner with leading academic institutions to offer cutting-edge free courses training you on how to teach online.

Cambridge Assessment English and The Open University both provide extensive courses from experts delving into the world of online teaching – what the benefits are, using practical examples to show the best way to connect with students over the internet.

You’ll learn how to make online teaching as accessible as possible, understand how to shape your digital identity, and learn about the ethical considerations around teaching students online.

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FutureLearn’s courses are designed to be 100% online. This means that even if you are working from home, you can still get the training you need to keep your students active – learning in your own time, and at your own pace.

Being able to teach online is a key skill for any educator, and is only going to be more important as technology advances and educational institutions look to become more nimble and responsive. Now’s never been a better time to learn how to teach online. Browse our courses and start your learning journey today.

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