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Further your career with online Cyber Security courses and read our career advice to find out the skills you need to develop a career in Cyber Security

Become a Cyber Security Specialist

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Cybersecurity has been developing alongside modern security, and accelerated in recent years as threats and attacks become more sophisticated.

Nowadays, it’s one of the fastest-growing areas of the IT sector, meaning there is a high demand for people with these skills.

Study cybersecurity online

Given the rise of data breaches and the number of business processes managed online, cybersecurity is a growing field and shows no signs of slowing.

It is estimated to grow by 37% from 2012-2022, with new software and positions being created regularly.

Gaining knowledge and certifications in this area can open up a range of job opportunities including for cybersecurity specialists, engineers, analysts, architects, investigators, and auditors.

As well as requiring a general knowledge of IT, these positions require problem-solving, communication, time-management, and attention to detail.

An online course can help you learn and develop many of these soft skills as well as the hard skills required to work within cybersecurity.

Online learning is flexible and convenient, regardless of your current situation. Trying to fit your studies around your existing work and home life can be difficult.

However, an online cybersecurity course takes just a few hours of study each week. It’s up to you to choose when you put these hours in, meaning you can continue learning without interrupting your daily life.

Choosing a cybersecurity course

Cybersecurity is quite a broad field. There are many different technologies that it touches, and it continues to grow and develop. As such, we’re proud to offer a range of learning opportunities, from short courses to online cyber security degrees.

If you’re only just starting out with your journey into cybersecurity, a course such as An Introduction to Cryptography could be beneficial. It’s designed for people who want to understand how cryptography keeps communications safe. By completing this course, you can create a foundation for further study in this area.

For those who are hoping to educate others on the topic, you can find a course giving an introduction to cybersecurity for teachers, to help keep your students safe.

If you already have an understanding of the subject and want to further develop your knowledge, just browse this page. For example, you could take a microcredential in Cyber Security Operations. This allows you to upskill your existing knowledge and gain academic credit.

Earn a cyber security certificate

Earn personalised cyber security certificates when you complete an online course on FutureLearn, complete with lead educator signatures, organisation logos and course details. Share your achievements with employers, on Linkedin, on your CV and more.

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