Criminal Law Courses

Start your criminology and criminal law journey with an online criminal law course. Uncover your potential with courses from leading criminologists.

Topics related to Criminal Law


Yes, we offer a wide range of online short courses covering many aspects of criminology. Whether you’re looking for an introductory course or a more specialist topic to progress in your career, we have options for everyone.

The best course in criminal law for you will vary depending on your interests and career goals. If you’re interested in how the criminal justice system works, we offer courses with a strong focus on prosecutions, trials and sentencing. However, if you’re more interested in offender behaviour, a criminology course may be a better fit.

If your goal is to become a criminal solicitor, you’ll need to complete an LLB or Bachelor of Laws. After passing your Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), you must take a year-long Graduate Diploma in Law. Then, you’ll undertake another year of vocational training as part of your Legal Practice Course (LPC) before 2 years of on-the-job training with a mentor. To become a fully qualified criminal solicitor, you must then pass your final Professional Skills Course (PSC).

The world of criminology and criminal law covers criminality from a range of angles and contexts. However, not all courses will use the same case studies or focus on the same topics. Some of the most common areas you can expect to cover include:

  • Crime and its causes: Learn about crime theories and the reasons why people commit crimes
  • Theories of victimisation: Understand more about why certain groups or individuals become victims
  • Policing & investigations: How police investigations work for different areas of criminal law
  • Prosecution & trials: The processes involved in the criminal justice system
  • Sentencing: Explore case studies, policies and precedents to understand how sentencing is applied.

Understand criminal behaviour and how to navigate the justice system

Our online criminal law courses will give you the foundation you need to build or advance your career in criminal law. Guided by experienced criminologists and top universities, explore why crimes are committed, learn the principles of criminology and delve into the complexities of the UK’s criminal justice system.

Using our easy-to-use online platform, take individual courses or utilise our unlimited subscription for limitless learning. Start with an introduction to criminal law or explore specialised topics on everything from forensic mental health to human rights law and international law.

Learn from true experts in law and criminology

Benefit from expert insight based on years of experience in criminal law, with courses from leading criminologists and criminal law specialists. Our educators work with some of the world’s most prestigious universities, research institutes and campaign groups, giving you unrivalled insight into how the criminal system works.

Enhance your law career with our criminal law courses

Create new opportunities for career progression in criminal law by upskilling in a specialised field. Our online law courses provide an accessible way for law professionals to continue learning alongside professional and personal commitments.

If you’re just getting started with your law career, our courses are also ideal to start building your knowledge and skills as you gauge whether criminal law is the right fit for your career goals and interests.

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