Human Rights Law Courses

Become an advocate for equality and justice with a course in human rights law. Learn the history of human rights law with legal experts and build skills.

Topics related to Human Rights Law


Human rights training combines education on human rights law with ethical discussions and techniques to share knowledge. The aim of human rights training is to encourage individuals to promote and uphold the fundamental rights of themselves and others. It can be useful for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of human rights.

A human rights law course focuses on the legal applications of human rights legislation around the world. It is a specialised course ideal for law professionals or those working in governmental or non-governmental organisations where a good comprehension of human rights law is required. A course in human rights law cover topics like:

  • History of human rights law
  • Human rights legislation and applications around the world
  • Legal modes of protection
  • Human rights & marginalised people
  • Limits and shortcomings of international human rights law
  • The future of human rights law

Delve into the key principles of human rights

Our online human rights law courses explore the concept of human rights as well as the values that inform international law and legislation. Guided by expert educators, we’ll give you the knowledge and tools you need to discuss and defend the fundamental rights of yourself and others.

Drawing on your experiences, you’ll be encouraged to question and debate contested topics such as the universality of human rights law and how it’s applied around the world.

Uncover the history of human rights law

Immerse yourself in the history of human rights law to give you the background you need to build a career in law. From the Magna Carta to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and modern-day applications, you’ll see how attitudes have changed over time and how legislation might look in future.

You’ll work with legal experts to understand how human rights law affects important issues like immigration and asylum. Our law courses provide real-world case studies, designed to build your understanding of the lived experiences of marginalised people and how international human rights law affects them.

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