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...a very well-rounded view of Google Analytics overall. Thank you.

"It highlighted both the breadth and detail of information that Google can gather about website visitors but also emphasised the limitations. "

Become a Data Scientist

  • Best jobs in the UK#6
  • Median base salary£45,000

Data analytics is a rapidly developing field. Data analysts are in high demand across many industries, as more businesses focus on a data-driven approach.

Whether it’s in finance, education, or manufacturing, the ability to understand and interpret data is sought-after. That’s why an online data analytics course could be the ideal choice for you.

Why study data analytics?

Studying data analytics can develop your skills in many different areas. Whether you’re a total newcomer to the field or already have experience, you can advance your knowledge.

As well as teaching you how to handle and analyse large sets of data, this subject focuses on problem-solving and storytelling.

An online data analytics course can teach you different ways to approach a problem and how to break down your available information to find a workable solution.

Whether it’s for improving your professional skills or those you use day-to-day, you’ll soon see results.

If you’re hoping to one day become a data analyst, taking an online course can be an excellent first step. Even if analysis is not the main focus of your career, knowledge of data analysis can be beneficial to pitching, leadership, and decision making.

Analytics and data are becoming commodities in many industries, so an understanding can set you apart from the crowd.

Of course, an online data analytics course also presents a flexible and accommodating way to study. You get to choose when you spend your time studying and can often complete shorter courses in just a few weeks.

A range of available courses

No matter what your current level of understanding, you’re sure to find a data analytics course that matches your needs.

At FutureLearn, we offer both introductory courses and those that go into more detail. For example, if you’re a total newcomer, a course on big data analytics can be the ideal introduction to the subject.

If you would like a more industry-specific approach, something like an introduction to digital media analytics could be worthwhile.

If you already have some knowledge of data analytics, you might want to consider a longer or more intense course to deepen your understanding.

Our programs contain a selection of courses linked to a particular subject, such as this one on data mining.

We also offer microcredentials, which are taken over several months and provide independent certification or academic credit towards a degree.

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