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Helping people thrive

Human resources are a vital aspect of any organisation, ensuring employees are healthy, happy, and able to develop personally and professionally.

And as corporate culture undergoes a seismic shift – with the advent of #MeToo and other calls for greater workplace accountability – human resources have never played a more important role in business.

With FutureLearn’s free, online HR courses, you can explore what it means to work in human resources. You can learn the fundamentals of the discipline – why HR matters, how to create a HR strategy, and use data. You can learn how to hire and retain workers. And you can explore what it means to be a HR manager, and discover the responsibilities it entails.

Find the HR course that suits you

We’ve partnered with top academic institutions to bring you the latest thinking and research on human resources. Universities like The Open University provide extensive courses on the subject, letting you learn from experts in their field using practical examples of human resources management.

Our courses are 100% online, so you’ll identify what it takes to start – or further – a career in human resources alongside a global community of fellow learners and enthusiasts.

FutureLearn offers different courses designed to fit around your needs. You can take an entry-level short course that shows you the essentials, or you could take a 12-month PcG in Human Resources Management if you wanted more in-depth training.

Further your HR career

As workplace practises undergo a revolution, it’s never been a better time to learn the latest in human resources thought and training.

There are a wide variety of human resources jobs these courses would upskill you for. You could work as a human resources officer, manager or assistant, learning what it takes to drive wellbeing in a business.

Training is key to employability – something that’s especially true in a changing area like human resources. With business undergoing a generational shift in culture and practise – and with HR at the heart of that shift – now is the perfect time to pursue a career in HR.

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FutureLearn’s online human resources courses let you learn what working in HR entails, and how HR can power change in business.

These are flexible and practical courses designed to help you take your HR career to the next level. Start learning, and boost your career today.

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