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Civil law covers aspects of the legal system where there is a legal dispute between two private parties. In a criminal case, a defendant is prosecuted by the state and may be sent to prison. In civil law, nobody is sent to prison but one party may be ordered to pay financial compensation.

Civil law courses are generally specialised courses undertaken after a common law degree. By the time they have qualified, most law practitioners will have already decided to specialise in civil or criminal law. Some examples of civil law covered in a civil law course might include:

  • Property law, e.g. disputes over land
  • Employment law, e.g. unfair dismissal tribunals
  • Family law, e.g. divorce, child custody

The best courses for law professionals specialising in civil law for law are postgraduate courses, like a Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL). However, many law professionals will continue to study even after postgraduate studies. Online courses are an accessible way to balance work and personal commitments while learning more about a specific part of civil law. If you’re thinking about starting a career in civil law but don’t know where to begin, try our Introduction to Studying Law course.

The type of law you decide to study will depend on what you’re interested in. You may choose to practise criminal law or specialise in a particular type of civil law. Before making a decision, you should also research the demand for roles and salary levels in each sector. For example, corporate law generally has high average salaries but can be very competitive. Family law, on the other hand, always has high demand but may have lower salaries.

Investigate the inner workings of civil law

Explore critical pillars of civil law and how it’s applied around the world with our online civil law courses. Learn alongside law experts with specialist courses on everything from international human rights to GDPR and business law.

No matter your interests or life stage, we have courses to suit your needs. Whether you’re a law professional looking to deepen your knowledge of a specific aspect of civil law or just interested in learning more about the legal system, you’ll find a course suited to you.

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Continue your professional development with online courses from some of the world’s leading experts in civil law. Our law courses are ideal for solicitors, barristers or anyone working in non-governmental organisations looking for a stronger grasp of civil law. With our easy to use accessible online platform, you can fit your studies around personal and professional commitments.

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