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Fall in love with fashion

The fashion industry employs over 150 million people worldwide, and the global fashion industry is estimated to be worth over a trillion dollars. It’s an industry experiencing huge growth.

Moreover, the history of fashion is intertwined with politics, and wider culture – so studying it gives you an insight into the lives of people from bygone eras, as well as a window into our own world.

Sustainable style

Its size and scope make fashion one of the most interesting subjects to explore – not only for its creativity and innovation, but also as a resource-hungry industry increasingly trying to grapple with issues of sustainability.

Pressure is being placed on the apparel market to embrace a more environmentally holistic approach to how it makes and sells clothes.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, with the introduction of ‘fast fashion’ feeding vast amounts of synthetic waste material into natural ecosystems.

Fashion courses on FutureLearn

With our free fashion courses, you can examine these issues and more.

You can explore whether the luxury fashion industry can ever become truly sustainable, and learn who actually makes your clothes. You can discover the history of royal fashion, and identify what the future of the industry looks like.

We’ve partnered with renowned institutions like the London College of Fashion to bring you cutting-edge insights from the industry. You’ll be taught by experts in their field, alongside an international community of learners and like-minded fashion enthusiasts.

Jobs in fashion

These courses would be useful for anyone thinking about working in the fashion industry.

The future of fashion is based around sustainability, so being able to prove to employers that you’ve studied how fashion can improve its carbon footprint could be invaluable if you’re a fashion designer yourself.

Learning about the history of the industry would benefit someone wanting to become a fashion journalist or analyst. With the industry growing rapidly, there are jobs in the fashion industry for people with the right knowledge and skills.

Courses for everyone

Whether already you work in fashion and want to improve your understanding, or are simply fascinated by it and want to know more, FutureLearn’s online fashion courses measure up perfectly.

And at a pivotal moment of change, now’s never been a better time to start a career in fashion, driving change towards a greener future.

Browse our courses, pick the right one for you, and start your learning journey today.

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