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Study online and earn a postgraduate degree from a leading university with FutureLearn. Learn flexibly, pay as you go and gain recognised qualifications.

Earn a postgraduate degree online

Find a degree

Choose from a range of subjects and levels – from graduate certificates to full masters degrees.

Learn flexibly online

Each degree is modular – complete one or two programs at a time and choose your commitment each term.

Pass the assessments

Complete online assignments or take in-person exams to get feedback and demonstrate your understanding.

Earn a degree

Complete all programs and pass all assessments, to gain an internationally recognised qualification.

What are the benefits?

  • Learn when you want by watching videos, reading articles, doing tests, and completing assignments online
  • Join online discussions and collaborate with your peers in a virtual study group
  • Enjoy discussions with feedback from expert educators
  • Get full access to the university library, online resources and support

Learn flexibly and pay as you go

You can pay for each program in the degree as you go, making it possible to gain a qualification in a flexible and affordable way.