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Become a champion of GDPR and data privacy in your organisation with our GDPR and data protection courses. Learn from legal experts to improve your skills.

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A GDPR course is a type of law course that explores the concepts, laws and applications of the General Data Protection Regulation. As these regulations apply to any organisation that stores the personal data of individuals, GDPR training has become an essential part of training for many roles and industries.

To become GDPR certified, you must find a relevant GDPR scheme and then apply to a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) regulated organisation for certification. As part of the accreditation process, you must decide which aspect of your product, process or service you want to be certified. Then, you’ll provide the relevant information (or mapping) on your data processing for evaluation.

Enhance your knowledge of data protection laws

Learn alongside legal experts to grasp key concepts of data protection law. With our online data protection and GDPR law courses, you’ll explore the link between human rights and data privacy, gaining valuable insights into GDPR and its creation. Learn about the legal obligations of organisations that handle personal data along with key GDPR knowledge to help your organisation stay compliant

Understand what GDPR means for you

Delve into the history of GDPR, how it’s applied in the UK post-Brexit and what the future holds for data privacy. Our online courses combine expertise with immersive best practice case studies and examples, allowing you to understand and apply relevant GDPR requirements.

Ensure compliance in your organisation

GDPR compliance is crucial to a wide range of organisations and roles. Whether you work in healthcare handling patient data or a private organisation storing customer information, our educators are here to help. Our GDPR courses give you guidance and processes to ensure your organisation complies with the GDPR and data protection laws in the locations and sectors you are active.

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