Forensic Science Courses

Build investigative skills and enhance your scientific knowledge with online forensic science courses, as you learn from forensic science experts.

Topics related to Forensic Science


A forensics course examines the most common elements of applied science used to investigate crimes, assess evidence and present it in court. Within these courses, you’ll learn scientific theories and practical techniques, including:

  • Concepts and principles of forensic science
  • Forensic methods and limitations
  • Evidence types
  • Crime scene processing
  • Assessing and presenting evidence

Yes - we make studying at home more accessible than ever with our wide range of online forensics courses. Our courses are entirely online, so you can get the expert insights you need to study forensic science when you have the time to study.

You will require lab and field experience as part of your professional development in forensics, but online courses like ours will give you a strong basis to kick-start a career or build on preexisting knowledge.

There are a range of courses available for anyone interested in forensic science, but the best and most relevant will vary depending on your interests and career goals. Online courses are a great way to study forensic science if you’re new to the field or wish to deepen your knowledge of a particular topic.

To become a fully qualified forensic scientist, you need a minimum of a BSc in Forensic Science or a related degree. Many forensic practitioners will also go on to study at a postgraduate level to increase employment opportunities.

Examine key principles of forensic science

Our online forensics courses will give you the foundations to understand critical elements of forensic science. From beginner courses like our introduction to forensic science to specialised topics like forensic psychology and forensic archaeology, our courses will help enhance your skills and qualifications.

Guided by leading forensic experts, explore commonly relied-upon disciplines like DNA profiling and forensic pathology. You’ll develop the skills to collect and assess evidence to support criminal investigations. Designed to support professional development in a range of different roles, you’ll find a course suited to your career plans.

Progress your career in forensic science

Whether you’re launching a new career or looking to progress in your current field, our online courses are a great way to build expertise and new skills. Achieve CPD accreditations to boost your CV and forge your own path in forensic science.

Learn online from leading forensic science experts

With our courses, you’ll get insight from forensic professionals with extensive experience in crime scene investigation and criminal law. You’ll also learn the science behind forensic procedures and explore real-life case studies for practical context. With all material and assessments online, you can prepare for a career in forensics at any time, from anywhere.

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