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Strengthen your knowledge of medical law and explore complex ethical questions in healthcare with online medical law courses from healthcare experts.

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Medical law is a branch of law that covers aspects of both civil law and criminal law. It relates primarily to the rights and responsibilities of medical professionals and their patients. Often linked directly to ethical issues in medicine and healthcare, medical law includes topics like:

  • Consent & self-determination
  • Malpractice and negligence
  • Reproductive rights
  • End-of-life care
  • Mental health detention
  • Patient privacy

Medical law is a specialist branch of law usually studied by law professionals after a degree in common law. Anyone interested in a career in healthcare or medical law may decide to undertake a postgraduate MA in Medical Law at a university. Or, if you’re fitting studies around other commitments, you may choose an online course to build knowledge and continue professional development.

Learn the fundamentals of medical law

Start your learning journey with an introduction to medical law and public health regulations. Guided by experts, explore the legal responsibilities of healthcare practitioners and the privacy rights of patients. You’ll see concrete examples of medical law in action and learn valuable skills and processes to ensure patient confidentiality.

Apply knowledge of critical privacy and ethical concerns

Our medical law courses delve into the complex ethical concerns that guide much of medical law. Working with healthcare and legal professionals, you’ll evaluate the discourse around issues like end-of-life care and reproductive rights to understand how medical law functions today and how it may look in future.

Take a career in law or healthcare to the next level

We’ll give you the confidence and skills you need to progress in your career. Whether you’re a legal professional looking to specialise in medical law or a healthcare practitioner interested in patient privacy, our law courses are designed to fit around any schedule. Benefit from online material and lessons to continue your professional development alongside other commitments.

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