Certificate of Achievement

Constantine Linnick

has completed the following course:

Concurrent Programming in Erlang

The University of Kent

This online course explored the theory of concurrent programming and the practice of how that works in Erlang, using practical exercises and more substantial suggested projects.

3 weeks, 5 hours per week

Simon Thompson

Professor of Logic and Computation

The University of Kent

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Learning outcomes

  • Develop concurrent programs in Erlang using processes and message-passing communication between them
  • Describe the mechanisms underlying message processing in Erlang
  • Explain the life-cycle of an Erlang process and the handling of errors
  • Design and implement robust systems in Erlang
  • Summarise the design principles underlying the Open Telecom Platform (OTP)


  • Processes and messages in Erlang
  • Message-passing concurrency
  • Designing for robustness
  • Handling errors and dealing with exceptions
  • Testing and fixing concurrency
  • Multicore and distributed Erlang
  • OTP: The Open Telecom Platform

Issued on 14th April 2017

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Concurrent Programming in Erlang

The University of Kent