Certificate of Achievement

Constantine Linnick

has completed the following course:

Functional Programming in Erlang

The University of Kent

This course explored the principles of functional programming and the novel approach embodied in Erlang. The course combined treatment of the theory of functional programming with the practice of how that works in Erlang, using practical exercises and more substantial suggested projects.

3 weeks, 5 hours per week

Simon Thompson

Professor of Logic and Computation

The University of Kent

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Learning outcomes

  • Explain why Erlang was developed, how its design was shaped by the context in which it was used, and how Erlang can be used in practice today
  • Reflect on the design of Erlang, in the context of the rationale for its development, and how it is used in practice today
  • Produce programs using the concepts of functional programming, including, in particular, recursion, pattern matching and immutable data
  • Apply knowledge of lists and other Erlang data types in programs
  • Develop higher-order functions using generic patterns


  • Getting started programming in Erlang
  • Programs and functions in Erlang
  • Data structures using lists
  • Tools for Erlang programming
  • Functions as data, and higher-order functions
  • Case studies

Issued on 5th March 2017

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Functional Programming in Erlang

The University of Kent