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Florian Chudigiewitsch

has completed the following course:

Understanding Quantum Computers

Keio University

This online course introduced quantum computers and quantum computation, including necessary background in physics, mathematics and computer science. The mysteries of quantum superposition, interference and entanglement were covered in detail. Quantum algorithms, hardware and the new industry were central topics.

4 weeks, 5 hours per week

Rodney Van Meter

Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies

Keio University

Takahiko Satoh

Project Research Associate, Graduate School of Science and Technology

Keio University

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Learning outcomes

  • Describe a few key applications of quantum computing
  • Explain the role of quantum computing in the future and recognize the role of Moore’s Law in the future of computing
  • Prepare for a mathematical course in quantum information concepts
  • Explore the value proposition in available and forthcoming quantum information technology products
  • Identify the importance of quantum superposition, entanglement and interference in quantum algorithms


  • Waves and interference
  • Quantum superposition and entanglement
  • Computational complexity
  • The quantum Fourier transform
  • Shor’s algorithm for factoring large numbers
  • Grover’s algorithm
  • Quantum chemistry and machine learning
  • Physical phenomena as quantum bits (qubits)
  • Quantum computing hardware and architecture
  • Quantum error correction
  • The quantum information technology industry

Issued on 5th October 2019

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Understanding Quantum Computers

Keio University