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Solve for Tomorrow

Are you passionate about finding new ways the world can learn, live, and connect better?

Now is your chance to learn how you can design and lead the way on creating tech that solves the problems facing our people and planet right now.

Samsung’s four new online courses, available exclusively on FutureLearn, explore how tech can change education, sustainability, social isolation, and diversity for good.

These totally free courses are certified by the CPD certification service, and upon completion you’ll receive a digital certificate that can be added to your CV or professional profile.

Change the future of education, sustainability, isolation, and diversity

Samsung has chosen four equally-important global issues to focus your efforts, and each course is led by a different group of passionate topic experts. From entrepreneurs to activists, you’ll be faced with questions and ideas that will make you think deeply about the possibilities technology has to offer.

Designing a Future Where Learning is a Lifestyle will have you taking notes on designing your own learning community, overcoming personal barriers to learning, and building practical solutions to the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ education system. You’ll explore these complex issues alongside a range of passionate UK experts, including Steven Bartlett (Dragon’s Den judge, author, and social media entrepreneur) Ebinehita Iyere (Milk and Honey Bees founder), Andr Anderson (headmaster of Freedom and Balance), and Jesse Hirsh (futurist speaker and researcher).

If sustainability is where your heart lies, Designing for a Sustainable Future will show you how to bring your own sustainable technology design to life using empathetic design thinking. Along the way you’ll hear from George Lamb (presenter and founder of GROW), Dominique Palmer (climate justice activist), Dwayne Fields (adventurer) and Joycelyn Longdon (founder of Climate in Colour), on what they believe technological innovation could mean for sustainability.

If diversity and social isolation are areas you know you could make a difference, both Designing for a Diverse and Inclusive Future and Designing for a Future Where No One Feels Socially Isolated dive deep into social isolation and diversity in the UK today. You’ll explore examples of existing tech solutions and be inspired to think openly about how society could look if technology is harnessed in the right way.

Design the future, your way

These courses are part of Samsung’s exciting Solve for Tomorrow competition. If you’re 16-25 and your course learning sparks a tech idea that you think solves a real-world issue, you can enter the competition for a chance to make your idea a reality.

You don’t need qualifications or experience to apply – just passion, vision, and the desire to make the world better.

With prizes of long-term mentorship, coaching, and workshops up for grabs, this competition is not to be missed for any young visionary who is serious about using tech for good.

So, what are you waiting for? Join one (or all four!) of the courses today to get started on the learning journey of a lifetime.