Teach primary science effectively in your school

STEM Learning is the UK’s largest provider of professional development for teachers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

This collection of online teaching courses is designed by educational experts at STEM Learning to help primary teachers boost their science subject knowledge and maximise learning outcomes for 5-11-year-old pupils.

You’ll come away with up-to-date training and knowledge, confident in your ability to teach the primary science curriculum, and support your students’ STEM journey.

Update your knowledge of primary science subjects

With the ‘Teaching Primary Science: Getting Started’ course, you can discover how to support student learning using practical resources and activities, as well as how to encourage your pupils’ scientific enquiry skills.

On the ‘Chemistry’ teaching primary science course, you’ll get a chance to extend your underlying subject knowledge of states of matter and changes of materials, as well as review your own professional development as a primary chemistry teacher.

Discover the latest in primary physics

Explore how to bring the wonders of outer space into the classroom, with the ‘Human Spaceflight’ and ‘Exploring Space’ courses, where you’ll examine how to use space exploration as a tool to excite and engage students in physics.

Elsewhere, the ‘Teaching primary science: Physics’ course will let you cover the essentials of the subject, as well as practical activities you can use to enliven your physics classroom.

Get grounded in the basics of biology

You’ll be able to update your subject knowledge for Key Stage 2 biology, with the ‘Life Processes’ teaching course, which covers areas including the study of the circulatory system and heart, the respiratory system, and the digestive system.

The ‘Classifications’ course will walk you through how we group living things together and the common mistakes made about biological classifications. ‘Evolution and Inheritance’ will provide an expert overview of how to explain evolution to pupils, and use activities to overcome common misconceptions.

Train as part of an online community

Whether you’re teaching chemistry, biology, or physics (or all three), these STEM Learning courses are created to be 100% online, meaning you can access core teacher training at your own pace, in your own time.

Moreover, the courses are full of interactive elements and discussions, meaning you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and discuss ideas for teaching science. Join today, and build your confidence in teaching primary science effectively in your school.