Online course

HIST1051.2: Forging a Nation

Through examining key debates and issues, you'll come to understand how a collection of colonies became a federated nation

HIST1051.2: Forging a Nation

  • Duration 3 weeks
  • Weekly study 3 hours

Why join the course?

This is the second 3-week course in the 12-week HIST1051 program. This program provides an introduction to Australian history. It treats the development of Australian society from Aboriginal antiquity to the present, through the lenses of convicts and colonialism; war and conflict; migration and multiculturalism; landscape and the environment; and the development of democratic institutions. The course looks to Australian history to contextualise issues in contemporary Australia and introduces the skills and approaches employed in the study of the Australian past.

What topics will you cover?

Topics in the HIST1051 program include:

  • Origins of Indigenous Australians
  • Traditional Aboriginal society
  • Background to the British colonisation of Australia
  • Convictism
  • Relations between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians
  • Land use, economy and political systems
  • Australia’s involvement in war in the twentieth century
  • Social and cultural changes of the twentieth century
  • Land Rights, the Stolen Generations, and Reconciliation
  • The impact of Australian geography on society and culture
  • The development of democratic institutions

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of Australian history or their historical skills. You need to have completed HIST1051.1 ‘Great South Land: Introducing Australian history’ to join this course.

Who will you learn with?

Kate Ariotti

Kate Ariotti

Dr Kate Ariotti is a Lecturer at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Kate is an expert in the history of Australians at war, and loves studying and teaching Australian History.

Nancy Cushing

Nancy Cushing

I am an Associate Professor of History at the University of Newcastle and have been teaching Australian history since 1992. I am looking forward to taking our course to the online world.

Victoria Haskins

Victoria Haskins

I am a Professor of History at UON, and specialise in women's and Indigenous histories, and histories of domestic service. I have been teaching Australian history since 2000.

James Bennett

James Bennett

Dr James Bennett teaches history at the University of Newcastle. He has published widely in national and international journals on aspects of Australian & NZ history and has produced several books.

Who developed the course?

The University of Newcastle is a world-class university distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence. Ranked in Australia’s Top 10 universities, and #207 in the world (QS rankings, 2019).