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SOCA1010.3: Globalising Inequalities: Ethnicity, Race and Place

Building on our understanding of social class & inequality, examining global inequalities, globalisation, ethnicity & migration.

SOCA1010.3: Globalising Inequalities: Ethnicity, Race and Place
  • Duration3 weeks
  • Weekly study3 hours

Build on your understanding of social class & inequality.

This course will build on the understanding of social class and inequalities to address another key area of focus for sociologists: race, ethnicity and global inequalities. We will begin by addressing the process of globalization, focusing on its equity implications. We will then focus on ethnicity and race, unpacking these categories to better understand how they have been socially constructed, and what this means for individuals involved in key global processes such as migration. Finally, we will focus on Indigenous sociology, with attention back to the Australian context.

What topics will you cover?

Please see the SOCA1010: Society and Culture: A Sociological Introduction course handbook for more detail.

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone interested in sociology, cultural issues in society, or the workings of society more broadly. It would also suit those looking to develop their critical thinking or research skills.

Who developed the course?

The University of Newcastle Australia

The University of Newcastle is a world-class university distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence. Ranked in Australia’s Top 10 universities, and 197th in the world (QS rankings, 2021).

  • Established1965
  • LocationNewcastle, Australia
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