Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga (TPTMT)


Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga, Association of Educators Beyond the Classroom, is the professional Association of educators working in the cultural and heritage space in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Association, formerly known as the Museums Education Association of New Zealand (MEANZ), was refreshed in 2018 to encompass all educators working in the cultural and heritage space as well as reflecting that we are all kaitiaki of the taonga in our respective institutions.

The Association aims to connect education professionals in museums, galleries, environmental and other groups in the community learning space and provide support, advice, professional learning, and dialogue across the sector. Te Pū Tiaki Mana Taonga are community based with a focus on local stories, history and placed-based education to support the teaching of the unique history and cultural context of Aotearoa.

Committee members are all volunteers and we do this so we can remain fee-free for our members. Members meet regularly online through webinars, through our community of practice, and share through our Facebook page.

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