OxEd and Assessment Ltd

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OxEd and Assessment Ltd is a University of Oxford spinout company, providing solutions, based on the latest research, to help schools support children’s language and reading development.

OxEd and Assessment Ltd brings together researchers from the University of Oxford’s Departments of Education and Experimental Psychology, led by Professors Charles Hulme and Maggie Snowling.

The mission of the OxEd team is to translate the latest research into the development of reading, language and cognition into evidence-based practice to the benefit of public policy.

The OxEd and Assessment Ltd team are the developers of:

  • LanguageScreen : is a language assessment App running on a tablet. LanguageScreen enables education professionals to assess children’s language accurately and reliably, enabling schools to identify children in need of support to develop their language skills and monitor progress.
  • The Nuffield Early Language Intervention Programmes represent some 20 years of research into the causes of children’s language learning difficulties and the development of interventions to ameliorate them.