Social Finance

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Social Finance is a not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership with government, funders and the social sector to achieve sustainable social impact at scale. Since we started in 2007, our best-known innovation, the Social Impact Bond, has spread to 25 countries.

In the UK, we work on driving social change across issues such as homelessness, unemployment, mental health, education and vulnerable children. Internationally, we design results-based models for issues such as maternal health, education, employment and waste management.

Our health and employment team is committed to helping people with health issues or disabilities to attain and sustain fulfilling, paid employment. We have been working for over five years to help grow high-quality health and employment services, in particular those that adopt the best practice Individual Placement and Support (IPS) approach. IPS helps people with serious mental illness to find and keep a job that matches their preferences. It has an international track record of delivering outstanding outcomes. We are passionate about its potential to change lives.

We are currently working with NHS England and other partners to rapidly expand the number of people with serious mental health issues who can access these services through a programme called IPS Grow.