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Fascism, War and Genocide: 1940–1945

This program, HIST3640, immerses you in various scholarly theories and perspectives on fascism.

This program is part of the Bachelor of Arts degree offered by The University of Newcastle Australia

Develop your knowledge of Nazi Germany and Italian Fascism.

The period from 1900–1945 was the most violent age in European history. Why did the period following the First World War see the rise of Mussolini and Hitler? Why were European societies polarised by extremist ideologies of the left and the right? What links were there between fascist repression and militarist expansionism? How do we explain the genocidal impulses of fascism? This program considers these questions by examining Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in particular. It looks at the economic, social, and political forces that gave rise to fascism, fascist methods of rule, and the ideology’s drive to total warfare, particularly on the Eastern Front. In this context, it also looks at the debates concerning genocide (particularly the Holocaust), and at differing interpretations of fascism and its representation.

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4 courses

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Who will you learn with?

Hi, I'm Sacha Davis. I'm a lecturer in modern European history at UON. My own research focuses on Central Europe, minorities and the nation-state.

I look forward to getting to know you in this course!

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Explain key themes in the history of fascism and National Socialism;

  2. Reflect on the nature, impact, and legacy of fascism and Nazism;

  3. Interpret and utilise a variety of historical sources at a capstone level;

  4. Apply historical research, critical analysis and reflective skills at a senior level;

  5. Illustrate clear, coherent, and independent development of historical and historiographical knowledge and ideas in oral and written forms.

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