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One Health Management and Leadership

Learn about cross-sectoral cooperation for improved management of health threats at the human, animal and ecosystem interface.

This program is part of the One Health and All Murdoch Programs degrees offered by Murdoch University

Study the principles and applications of the One Health approach in both the public health and veterinary domains.

A healthy individual does not exist in isolation. We all experience some level of interaction with other humans, animals and the ecosystems that we all share. Through our interactions, human beings have had a significant anthropogenic impact on the natural world, leading to the loss of wildlife habitats and a changing climate. The worldwide population is fast approaching 8 billion in a time when international trade and travel are faster and easier than ever before. Combination of these factors means that previously isolated disease outbreaks can have pandemic potential, and new infectious diseases are also emerging. As the health of people, animals and ecosystems overlap, our efforts to secure a safe food and water supply, protect the environment and prevent the spread of diseases must overlap as well.


4 courses

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Learning outcomes

  • Understand the One Health approach to wicked problems that concern humans, animals and plants in their shared environments.
  • Identify the leadership roles and management responsibilities of One Health stakeholders in governmental and non-governmental organisations.
  • Recognise the risk factors for infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance and, recognise the impact these issues have on human, animal and ecosystems health.
  • Research and evaluate control strategies for One Health challenges using case studies.
  • Develop One Health themed materials for the management of an infectious disease outbreak.

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