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Project Management Context

Develop a sound understanding of the context for project management and explore how projects relate to organisations

This program is part of the MSc Project Management degree offered by Anglia Ruskin University

Develop an understanding of contemporary projects and the different processes involved.

Projects in contemporary organisations

Projects are at the very heart of most organisations as they are fundamental to their continued survival and success. This topic explores how modern projects fit into the operation and structure of complex organisational environments.

Selecting projects, programmes and portfolios

This topic explores the growing prominence of project, programme and portfolio management and the critical information needed to select and manage them in order to optimise their contribution to the host organisations.

Project initiation and defining the project

Project lifecycle becomes clearly visible and operational from the initiation stage. This topic prepares you to define and initiate a project that is complete, accurate and as definitive as possible so that everyone involved are absolutely clear what this is and what is expected to be delivered by the project delivery team.

Procuring the Project

Procurement is a strategic decision that enables the client obtain the best of the required expertise, materials and other resources sustainably, efficiently, safely and fast. This topic considers how the client makes key decisions about the project including a go-no go decision, what alternatives to pursue and how it will be procured.

Managing stakeholders and communications

Good communication with all stakeholders involved in the project is critical to success. This topic considers the expectations of the client and other internal and external stakeholders to a project and how to pro-actively engage in managing them for the benefit of the project. It also explores how information is communicated, and how and why changes are made to the project plans.


5 courses

Delivered by expert academics

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Learning outcomes

On completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the context of projects and project management, and how projects relate to organisations and the larger organisational environment.
  • Demonstrate a critical awareness of the functions and roles of project managers, the terms and conditions of their appointment and their legal rights, duties and obligations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the selection and procurement of projects and the ability to critically analyse and evaluate alternative procurement systems.
  • Identify, analyse, and critically evaluate current issues and information.

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