Anglia Ruskin University program

Research Design and Methods

Get a broad introduction to the key concepts and ideas behind different research methods and research design.

This program is part of the MSc Project Management degree offered by Anglia Ruskin University

Understand the complex terminology you might encounter when reading and writing research reports

On this degree, you’ll discover the process of carrying out research and understand the purpose of conducting thorough research.

You’ll undertake a structured examination of the ways in which a research project is designed, and learn about the theoretical concepts involved in the design process.

You’ll also develop your knowledge of research design by identifying and examining examples of research designs.

You’ll then explore typical research projects in your subject area and use these to think about which projects you’ll design and carry out yourself, as you move into the Major Project module at the end of your degree.


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Delivered by expert academics

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Learning outcomes

Number Type On successful completion of this module the student will be
expected to be able to:    
1 Knowledge and Understanding Recognise the role and limitations of research in the context of academic
and theoretical debates and of practical and organisational requirements.    
2 Knowledge and Understanding Critically evaluate alternative research approaches and select a design
appropriate to their research proposal.    
3 Knowledge and Understanding Assess alternative research methods and select and justify a method(s)
appropriate to their research.    
4 Intellectual, practical, affective and  
transferrable skills Devise an effective and practical research proposal for their dissertation.  

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