Understanding the Body: Final assessment course

The assessment course for Understanding the Body is completed directly with the University of Aberdeen. It will give you the opportunity to apply the knowledge from the program in tutor supported activities before taking the final assessments.

The assessment course will take place over two weeks and you will register with the University of Aberdeen for the duration of this short online course.

Over the two weeks you will provided with a series of activities that enable you to apply the learning materials from three courses: What is the Body?, How does the Body use DNA as a Blueprint?, and What Drives the Body?.

The assessment course will bring together all these subjects, helping you to understand how all the parts of the body interlink and communicate to work effectively. Through a series of tutor-led activities you will have the opportunity to ask questions and work through exercises which apply your knowledge. You will then complete the course by taking the final assessment tests covering material from across the program. Successful completion of the course will result in the student being awarded 10 credits from the University of Aberdeen at SCQf level 9.

You can choose from two assessment start dates: 20 May 2019 or 22 July 2019. To join your chosen final assessment course please proceed to the assessment and registration page.