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In collaboration with University of Padova, we’re offering staff and students completely free access to a collection of short online courses.

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Educators from leading universities and cultural institutions will help you continue your learning through engaging courses packed with videos, articles, quizzes, and discussions.

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You’ll enjoy free online access to hundreds of courses with free upgrades.

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Join like-minded students from around the world and learn together as if you’d never left campus.

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We provide undergraduate-level courses from the world’s leading universities. Our FutureLearn Campus courses are aimed at undergraduates and faculty staff, as well as people learning for fun.

You have until the end of your university’s use of Campus to join fully-upgraded courses for free.

Upgrading means you can do the course entirely in your own time, at a pace that suits you (and you’ll get a certificate at the end too).

Once the course begins, a link to your to-do list will appear in Your Courses. You can access this at any time – you don’t have to get started or finish right away.

You can find the number of hours per week for each course on its course description page. Once a course has started, you’ll be able to access the course material and study at any time that suits you. You don’t need to be online at the same time as the lead educator or other students. On a few courses, educators will schedule an activity which takes place at a specific time, but this content will generally remain online afterwards.

Anyone can join a course, but they would have to pay for their own upgrades if they have not been invited to FutureLearn Campus by a university or organisation.

Once you’ve all started learning, you can take advantage of our social learning features including following friends and bookmarking their comments.

You can read more about our approach to social learning and why it works here.

To be included in the campaign, and be created by partners who have opted into FutureLearn Campus. You can find all the relevant courses in our course list. Premium, invite-only, and unlisted courses are excluded from FutureLearn Campus.

You will retain access to your courses and certificates for as long as they exist on FutureLearn.

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