Become a STEM Teacher

STEM teachers teach subjects in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and the many variations within these areas. The demand for people skilled in STEM subjects is continually on the rise.

  • Average salary in UK

    £37,841 (Reed)
  • Average salary in US

    $53,805 (Salary)
  • Average salary in Canada

    CA$60,943 (PayScale)
  • Average salary in Australia

    AU$103,000 (SEEK)
Source: Reed

What skills do you need to become a STEM teacher?

  • Specialist knowledge

    A STEM teacher must have specialised skills and knowledge of the area that they’re teaching. In most circumstances, this will mean they have a degree in the subject, or they will have come from a STEM career.

  • Strong communication

    It’s not enough to be amazing at your specialism; you must also be able to communicate complex ideas to a class who are unfamiliar with the concepts you are teaching. More generally, as a teacher, you need to be a good communicator so that the class will listen to you and respect you.

  • Organisational skills

    Teachers need good organisational skills to keep up with classroom demands, such as creating lesson plans, marking work, tracking progress and organising tests and experiments. Especially in STEM, creating organised lesson plans will really benefit students when covering difficult concepts.

  • Patience

    All teachers need patience, as they deal with lots of people at once, who are often children. They must be able to keep their cool when students misbehave and explain things patiently when someone doesn’t understand.

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