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Ali Tavakoli

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Teaching English Online

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

This course prepared teachers to teach English online in both one-to-one and group lessons. It explored the tools and resources available to online teachers and the key skills that they need. Teachers learned how to teach the four communicative skills of language using online tools, as well as how to develop learners’ language use and pronunciation skills. The course also covered different teaching contexts and professional development for online teachers.

4 weeks, 5 hours per week

Lindsay Warwick

Teacher Trainer

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Marie Therese Swabey

Teacher Trainer

Cambridge University Press & Assessment

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate the key skills and knowledge needed as an online English teacher
  • Plan and deliver lessons to develop receptive and productive skills
  • Understand how to develop language skills
  • Reflect and improve on professional practice


The context of English Language Teaching online

  • Contexts: learners and learning
  • Strategies for developing rapport and engagement
  • Dealing with classroom management in an online classroom
  • Key skills needed to be an effective online teacher
  • Tips for finding learners and channels to deliver online learning

How to plan and deliver online skills lessons

  • Developing reading skills
  • Developing writing skills and dealing with errors online
  • Developing speaking skills
  • Developing listening skills

How to plan and deliver online language lessons

  • Setting context
  • Clarifying and practising language
  • Dealing with pronunciation

How to continue your professional development as an online teacher

  • Getting feedback on your teaching
  • Evaluating and reflecting on your teaching
  • Joining online communities of teachers

Issued on 6th April 2020

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