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Toni Hermoso Pulido

has completed the following course:

Leadership Decision Making

University of Lincoln

This two-week course focuses on the issue of decision making from a leadership perspective. The course will allow you to learn how to identify areas for development as a decision maker and understand the context for setting your own learning for professional growth.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Craig Marsh

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of the Lincoln International Business School

University of Lincoln


Learning outcomes

  • Explore how individuals formulate decisions
  • Evaluate factors which might diminish the effectiveness of the decisions made


Week 1: Introduction to theories and process of decision making

  • Theories and models of decision making
  • Process of decision making

Week 2: Decision maker as leader

  • Biases in relation to individual decision making
  • Biases in relation to group decision making
  • Mitigating biases associated to decision making
  • Leadership aspect of decision making

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Issued on 29th May 2024

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Leadership Decision Making

University of Lincoln