Certificate of Achievement

Kamel Marzouki

has completed the following course:

Understanding Epilepsy and its Neuropsychology

University of Padova

This course explored the cognitive and psychosocial deficits that epilepsy sufferers can experience. It began with an overview of epilepsy and the techniques used for its medical diagnosis and also looked at what a neuropsychological evaluation involves and the abilities that are assessed. Participants also learnt how to give first aid to someone suffering from a seizure.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Sara Mondini

Professor of Clinical Neuropsychology

University of Padova

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Learning outcomes

  • Improve your knowledge about epilepsy
  • Explore tests and techniques used to evaluate different aspects of epilepsy
  • Investigate epilepsy from a bio-psychosocial perspective
  • Identify how to basically support someone with seizures


  • Descriptive framework of epilepsy;
  • Medical and neuropsychological assessment of epilepsy;
  • Cognitive and psychosocial effects of epilepsy;
  • First aid for seizures.

Issued on 16th April 2023

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Understanding Epilepsy and its Neuropsychology

University of Padova