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Kamel Marzouki

has completed the following course:

Young People and Mental Health

University of Groningen and University of Cambridge

Mental health problems often develop during the teenage period. As many as 1 out of 5 teenagers are dealing with these problems. Therefore, it is important to know how to recognise common mental health problems, know how they arise, what one can do to prevent them and what to do when you actually suffer from them.

5 weeks, 2 hours per week

Prof. Tineke Oldehinkel

Professor of Lifecourse Epidemiology of Common Mental Disorders

University Medical Center Groningen


Learning outcomes

  • Identify symptoms of the following mental health problems: eating disorders, depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, addiction, antisocial behaviour and psychosis.
  • Explain that there is no a clear dividing line between mentally-healthy and not mentally-healthy people.
  • Describe personal, environmental and genetic factors as possible causes of psychological problems.
  • Describe ways to deal with psychological problems.


  • What is mental health?
  • What are common mental health problems?
  • What are the causes of mental health problems?
  • What to do when you experience mental health problems
  • How to boost your own mental health

Issued on 13th April 2023

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Young People and Mental Health

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