Certificate of Achievement

Aryan Mohammadi Pasikhani

has completed the following course:

Research Writing: How to Do a Literature Review

University of Wollongong

This online course has explored how to plan and develop a literature review. We have covered what a literature review is, and when we typically need to write one. We looked at how to begin, useful tools to help, and considered what can go wrong. We discussed the value of articulating questions to drive the discussion of academic literature, and how writing annotations, concept maps and outlines can effectively prepare you for the writing of your literature review.

4 weeks, 4 hours per week


Emily Purcer


University of Wollongong


Learning outcomes

  • Explore and identify different types of literature review
  • Develop an annotated bibliography
  • Develop questions to drive a literature review
  • Reflect on your academic writing style
  • Collaborate with other research writers
  • Improve your research potential


  • Understanding the literature review as a genre, and its fundamental role in all serious investigations and research projects
  • Developing a useful list of search terms and understanding where to use them to find the most relevant literature available
  • Developing a professional bibliography and annotating it with critical evaluations of readings
  • Asking good questions to guide the reading and writing process
  • Planning a critical discussion in response to specific questions and based on evidence from the published literature

Issued on 31st December 2019

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Free online course:

Research Writing: How to Do a Literature Review

University of Wollongong