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Mahesh Mali

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Diplomacy in the 21st Century

The Open University and Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

This course looked at the modern challenges of diplomacy for the FCO and the implications for diplomats. It focused on the practice, theory and the tradecraft of diplomacy. It covered diplomatic representation; digital diplomacy; women, gender and diplomacy; theories of diplomacy; leading diplomatic missions; and diplomatic tradecraft including networking and reporting.

6 weeks, 2 hours per week

Jonathan Marshall

Head of Learning for the Diplomatic Academy,

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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Learning outcomes

  • Discuss the nature and challenges of modern diplomatic representation including the role of values, diversity and sub-state diplomacy.
  • Evaluate the role of social media and new policy and communications tools within the wider context of digital diplomacy.
  • Describe the key developments in the history of women in British diplomacy.
  • Engage with the emerging gender equality agenda in multilateral and other forums.
  • Assess the relevance of some core diplomatic theories and models to modern diplomacy.
  • Discuss the challenges of leadership in the varied contexts of the modern diplomatic mission.
  • Identify the critical aspects of informal protocol, networking and reporting as part of modern diplomatic tradecraft.


  • Overview of modern diplomatic representation
  • The new tools of social media and wider digital diplomacy
  • The history of women in British diplomacy and the gender equality agenda
  • Overview of some key theories of diplomacy
  • The challenges of expeditionary diplomacy and leadership in a diplomatic context
  • Diplomatic tradecraft including protocol, networking and reporting

Issued on 21st January 2019

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