Certificate of Achievement

Emilio Quintana Pareja

has completed the following course:

Introduction to Norwegian

University of Oslo

This online course was an introduction to the Norwegian language. It introduced Norwegian phonetics and basic grammar. By the end of the course learners should be able to take part in a simple conversation in Norwegian, as well as, in a basic way, be able to read and write in Norwegian.

4 weeks, 5 hours per week


Erik Andre Juriks

Lecturer - Norwegian for International Students

University of Oslo


Learning outcomes

  • Engage in basic conversations about study situations, work, holidays and leisure
  • Describe everyday activities like buying food, going to concerts, meeting friends, going to the gym and using public transport
  • Apply basic rules of Norwegian grammar and pronunciation covered in the course


  • Norwegian phonetics
  • Basic Norwegian grammar
  • How to greet and present oneself
  • Shopping
  • Leisure time
  • Expressing needs, feelings and assessments.

Issued on 13th February 2017

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Introduction to Norwegian

University of Oslo