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Cold Email Mastery: The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Course

Understand how to grow your business and generate B2B leads via the digital marketing strategy of cold emailing.

Cold Email Mastery: The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Course
  • Duration3 weeks
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Learn how to generate B2B leads to your business via cold emailing

This three-week email marketing course is designed to show you how you can use cold emailing to generate an influx of B2B leads every month; an essential part of starting and growing any business in this digital era.

Decipher how to set up a cold email campaign from scratch

Cold emailing - an email that’s sent without prior permission from or contact with the recipient - is a key tool in generating interest and attracting revenue to any business in today’s digital world.

You’ll gain detailed insight into how to set up a successful cold email campaign from scratch, and will also improve your understanding of how to improve email deliverability and open rates.

Discover strategies to locate potential customers and improve lead generation

You’ll cover a wide range of strategies to help you find the decision maker’s email address without violating GDPR, and will also understand how to split test email campaigns for optimal efficiency.

You’ll also cover best email practices - such as length and subject of messaging - and will also gain an insight into how to tailor your message to the intended recipient.

Learn from leading cold emailing experts from ClickSlice

Throughout this email marketing course, you’ll be under the guidance of Joshua George, founder and owner of leading digital marketing agency ClickSlice.

He attained his first client by using cold emailing, and ClickSlice now uses cold emailing every month to generate leads on demand and has proven to be a valuable source of leads for new business. To date, the agency has generated over six figures in revenue from this form of digital marketing.

What topics will you cover?

  • Cold emailing - the basics
  • Email deliverability
  • Prospecting - How to find the decision maker’s email
  • Creating your cold email campaign
  • Open rates & responses
  • Split testing your email campaigns

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Demonstrate how to set up a cold email campaign from scratch
  • Improve your understanding of how to improve your email deliverability
  • Explore strategies you can use to find the decision makers email address
  • Demonstrate how to split test email campaigns for optimal efficiency

Who is the course for?

This course is primarily suited to those looking to increase B2B lead generation within a business.

It’s also suitable to anyone who is interested in learning about cold emailing or email marketing.

Who will you learn with?

Joshua is the founder & owner of ClickSlice. Josh regularly attends SEO conference across the world to ensure he’s always updated on the latest Google algorithm updates and trends.

Who developed the course?


ClickSlice is the leading SEO agency based in London. We primarily help businesses generate more revenue by increasing their websites visibility online.

About this ExpertTrack

Learn how to launch an effective SEO, Google Ads, and cold email campaign from scratch following repeatable step by step processes

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