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Get started in the exciting world of creative technology

Creative Technology is an essential part of our experience of the world, permeating many aspects of our daily lives, the way we connect with each other and how we imagine our future.

The Creative Computing Institute, Lancaster University and the Institute of Coding have created a collection of introductory courses designed to give you an overview of the opportunities that these technologies offer.

You’ll get the chance to hear from world-leading experts using them in their work and gain an understanding of the processes, tools and skills required to make the best of these technologies.

Alongside our introductory courses, we’re providing practical courses where you can put your new-found knowledge into practice as you go through the process of creating your own projects.

These courses are focused on learning through doing and will help you consider the key technological concepts, try out the tools you’ve learned about and apply your personal creativity to a project.

You can learn more about the Institute of Coding here.