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This course is part of the Fundamentals of eCommerce ExpertTrack

Creating and Measuring Success in eCommerce

Learn how to develop clear and effective strategies to run your eCommerce business and measure success.

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Optimise your eCommerce site’s performance and identify KPIs

On this final course in the Introduction to eCommerce ExpertTrack, you’ll bring everything you’ve learnt so far together.

The focus of this course will be site performance and how to develop frameworks, policies, and processes to lead your business to success.

Learn how to measure performance on your site

Once you’ve built your eCommerce site, you need to know whether it’s successful or not in order to plan and adapt for the future.

You’ll discuss what performance means and assess the key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter in eCommerce. By understanding KPIs, you can match your performance against them and act proactively to boost your success.

Explore the logistics of your eCommerce business

Having an efficient team and a solid set of processes is vital to succeeding in eCommerce. You’ll look at how to structure an effective eCommerce team, from the different roles to the responsibilities that need to be allocated.

Then, you’ll look at the logistical management and fulfilment of orders; how to structure the processes and optimise the workflow to get your products to customers in the quickest and easiest way.

Build strategies to improve your service and customer experience

The final topic on this course explores why customer service is key to success in eCommerce and how best to deliver it.

This will include managing customer enquiries, shipping policies, and delivery schedules, and how to signpost this to customers to further improve the customer experience.


  • Week 1

    The art of persuasion and the power of influence

    • Welcome to the course

      Course 4 is all about 'execution' - getting things done. Our first week shows you how to harness influencer marketing to drive revenue - as well as using the principles of persuasion to convince your shoppers to buy.

    • Working with influencers

      How do we win the hearts and minds of our target shoppers? Through persuasion. Influencer marketing is one of the most persuasive tools in our toolbox. Let's find out how to use it and how to choose influencers.

    • Applying the rules of persuasion

      One of the best things any eCommerce website owner can do is study how to persuade. Choosing the right words and the right images are all part of the rules of persuasion.

    • Weekly wrap up

      This week we learned about using powers of persuasion to help convert our customers and how to use influencers to gain new customers. Next week we talk about knowing what skills and roles you might need for your eCommerce store.

  • Week 2

    Measuring success and roles and responsibilities

    • Welcome to Week 2

      Knowing how to measure what matters on your eCommerce store and clarifying the skills and roles you might need are pivotal to your eCommerce success. These two topics are our focus this week.

    • Measuring performance: metrics and KPIs

      Metrics are needed in eCommerce, just like any walk of life. We must know how we are doing against our targets. A metric is any quantifiable measurement of performance, whereas a key performance indicator is a metric that matters.

    • eCommerce roles and responsibilities

      Regardless of the size of your business, whether it is a one-person shop or multi-million pound business, you have to think through roles and responsibilities – and even team structures. Let's find out the best way to do this.

    • Weekly wrap up

      This week we talked about performance and people. We looked at how to measure what you are doing on your eCommerce and honed in on the metrics that matter. We also looked at how to structure roles and responsibilities.

  • Week 3

    Order fulfilment: picking, packaging, delivery and customer service

    • Welcome to Week 3

      This week is about eCommerce operations. Planning for order fulfilment and for for picking, packaging and delivery are 'part and parcel' of an eCommerce business. Similarly, customer service handling is important as you grow.

    • Get a competitive edge: understand the competition

      Competitor analysis plays a major role in understanding your competitors and your market. You are going to use what competitors do to inspire you to refine your value proposition and your digital strategy.

    • Order fulfilment: getting orders to customers

      Getting the product to your customer is an operational challenge that will change as you grow. Order fulfilment is the real operational nuts and bolts of an eCommerce business - we need to get this right.

    • Customer service and support

      All eCommerce websites must have a plan for customer service. Building out a customer service capability is important for the growth of your business - whether it is using email, telephone or social media.

    • Course wrap up

      You have now completed not just Course 4, but the whole Fundamentals of eCommerce ExpertTrack. Well done - that is some achievement. You are ready to launch and scale your eCommerce business.

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Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Reflect on how to persuade your customers to buy
  • Calculate and measure metrics and KPIs
  • Assess who are the right people for roles
  • Describe strategies behind ‘influencer marketing’
  • Evaluate your competition
  • Synthesise order fulfilment
  • Demonstrate great customer service and support

Who is the course for?

This course has been designed for anyone responsible for eCommerce in their organisation. If you’re new to the role, this is a great course to develop your expertise.

It’s also a good opportunity to upgrade your skills if you’re a small business owner looking to develop the eCommerce channel in your business.

Who developed the course?

Colin Lewis

Multi-award-winning author, speaker, investor and eCommerce expert, Colin has over 25 years of hands-on international marketing experience. An adviser and active investor in eCommerce, Colin ran his first eCommerce site in 2006 and been teaching eCommerce since 2011.

About this ExpertTrack

Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, discover the strategies, tactics, tools, and platforms to grow your eCommerce business.

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