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Running a successful online business often requires a good working knowledge of web, digital and social media analytics. Knowing how to interpret data is the challenge – and marketers in particular are increasingly using analytics to inform and justify their decisions.

By monitoring and analysing the way that potential customers interact with a website, webpage or social media channel online, you can tailor their experiences to increase sales, clicks, and conversions.

Our online web and social media analytics courses will help you to broaden your knowledge of the importance of analytics within a business, and help you to develop skills in order to further your marketing career.

What are web, digital and social media analytics?

The core concept behind web, digital and social media analytics is the gathering and analysing of marketing and audience data upon which you’ll base business decisions.

It’s essential to understand who is visiting your website or social media channel, how they are using it, how long they are staying for and most importantly, what they are looking for when they’re there.

It’s the only sure way to access insights that can be used to optimise both marketing efforts and key strategies within a business.

How are online analytics measured?

On-site or online analytics measures the performance of your website or social media channel within a commercial context.

Data is typically aligned with key performance indicators (KPIs) for performance and the results are then used for formulating and improving digital marketing strategies.

Insights including detailed charts, graphs, and visualisations of the data about their web users is given, often in real time, with page views, bounce rates, number of unique visitors and number of conversions being key elements that are analysed.

Page visibility, unique impressions, session duration time and click path sequences are also important components to the measurement of online analytics.

Study web analytics online

Our online web analytics courses are suited for total beginners through to professionals working within the digital marketing sphere.

Learn the basics of how analytics are used within marketing with the Darden School of Business, and discover how to use data to improve real-life decisions using Microsoft Excel so that you can solve basic quantitative problems in business decision making.

You can also discover how to evaluate and audit your social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and ensure that your social media campaigns are working as effectively as they can be.

You can also decipher how to use social media ‘listening tools’ to extract and analyse data from social media, and can get the know-how in how to prepare to launch your own social media analytics project.

All of our website analytics courses are developed and facilitated by leading institutions and experts within the marketing field.

Join courses for free today and enhance your knowledge within this key area of marketing.

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