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Skip to 0 minutes and 8 seconds ABI JAMES: Well, what’s really been the difference in the last few years is the cloud technology that’s come in. And that’s where we can put these files up on servers and websites, and they’re shared and instantly accessible through all those devices. I’m an academic and a teacher, and I’m dyslexic and have difficulties with organisation and memory.

Skip to 0 minutes and 26 seconds And the fact that now I know, wherever I am, I can access my files or my notes that I can take in one device and I can access it on my computer at home, my phone when I’m travelling, on my tablet when I’m listening to a talk or seminar– really helps me and takes away a lof of the stress and anxiety that I have with my difficulties. It’s also really useful with collaborating. And it’s made such a huge difference to the way our students can work, and we can work as academics as well. We can make notes in one talk and instantly have our peers and colleagues see those, and we can share and comment on it as well.

Skip to 1 minute and 3 seconds So I really think the fact that we can now transfer this information instantly between devices in an accessible format is such a change for all of us.

Using cloud technology

To conclude this course, in this video Abi talks about the way we can use cloud technologies to help us collaborate and in the last three weeks we have looked at the types of technologies that help with this aspect of inclusive learning and teaching.

We have discussed the skills required and the way individuals make use of the technologies, but we still need to learn how to make all aspect of this multimedia world accessible, safety and well being.

  • as a learner, digital technologies offer access to an enormous range of resources but we need to take care to ensure our own safety as well as others when we comment, collaborate and share things.

  • as a teacher, it is essential that we make sure our learning and teaching materials are created in an accessible manner, we develop inclusive environments and encourage supportive and trustworthy collaboration.

The challenge continues …

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