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Introduction to Fashion Brand Marketing and Retailing

Explore the world of marketing and distribution in fashion and build successful strategies for the wholesale and retail level.

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Learn the best promotion and distribution strategies in fashion

Marketing is a vital part of the fashion industry. Without an accurate understanding of the target customer, and without designing and producing goods and services that meet their needs, even the best promotional strategies will undoubtedly fail.

On this two-week course from Bloomsbury Academic, you’ll explore the merchandising and promotional strategies used by marketing fashion brands to get products to the right consumers at the right price and in the right place.

Discover the key fashion market centers around the world

To give you the foundations, you’ll start by looking at the different market centres that you might target for fashion across the world as well as market weeks, fashion weeks, and trade shows. You’ll also explore the overall selling function, from internal and external selling to sample lines and orders.

Develop marketing strategies for any fashion brand

Marketing strategies depend on a number of things, including the customer being targeted and the span of reach.

You’ll delve into the marketing strategies and promotional mix used by fashion brands across the globe. Starting with your target customers and marketing span of reach, you’ll move on to the most effective areas of marketing including publicity, social media, and sales promotions.

Explore fashion retailing and distribution strategies

Understanding the decision-making and shopping behavior of customers is vital to the success of fashion brands and heavily informs their distribution strategies and policies.

During the second week of this course, you’ll explore the distribution and retailing side of fashion. You’ll learn about the different types of fashion retailers, from department stores to e-commerce, before delving into the current trends in fashion retailing.


  • Week 1

    Marketing fashion brands

    • Course welcome

      In this activity, you will be introduced to the content that will be covered during this course. You will also get an overview of the topics covered during the first week of this course.

    • Market centers for fashion

      In this activity, we learn about marketing, we refer to the management process that connects product offerings with the values, wants, and needs of customers.

    • Market weeks, fashion weeks, and trade shows

      In this activity, we learn about market weeks, fashion weeks, and trade shows that are primary opportunities for fashion designers, product developers, sourcing agents, contractors, and retailers to connect and conduct business.

    • The selling function

      In this activity, we take a look at how fashion brand companies use market weeks, fashion weeks, and trade shows to both present and sells their lines/collections

    • Marketing strategies and promotional mix

      In this activity, we learn how marketing strategies are categorized according to the customer as well as the span reach of customers

    • Week wrap up

      In this activity, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the topics covered during the week. You will also be provided with a summary of the week's learning, and some insight on what to expect in the new week.

  • Week 2

    Fashion distribution and retailing

    • Weekly welcome

      Moving into the second week of this course, this activity will give you an overview of the topics that will be covered during this week.

    • Fashion distribution policies and strategies

      In this activity we learn about fashion distribution policies and strategies that are applicable to the consumer.

    • Categories of fashion retailers

      In this activity, we learn about how retailers are classified on the basis of their merchandising and operating strategies.

    • Brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, omnichannel, and direct sale retailers

      Across operational strategies, retailers can also be classified according to the type and number of customer touchpoints or ways in which the company connects with customers. Let's take a look at this

    • Trends in fashion retailing

      Change has become the norm in the fashion industry. Faced with increased global competition, fashion companies continually strive to deliver the best fashion product to their target customer. Let's take a look at these trends.

    • Course wrap up

      In this activity, you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge of the topics covered during the week. You will also be provided with a summary of the week's learning, and some insight on what to expect in the new week.

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Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Describe the promotional and marketing strategies and best practice used by fashion brand companies and retailers to sell merchandise to the ultimate customer
  • Identify different distributional methods, their characteristics, and their functions
  • Classify types of fashion retailers, the merchandise they sell, and their key features
  • Explain the significance of upcoming trends in fashion retailing and their impact on the industry

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone looking to learn more about marketing and distribution within fashion companies.

Who developed the course?

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Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house, established in 1986, with authors who have won the Nobel, Pulitzer and Booker Prizes.and is the originating publisher and custodian of the Harry Potter series. Bloomsbury has offices in London, New York, New Delhi, Oxford and Sydney. Within Bloomsbury’s Academic division, it publishes under Bloomsbury, as well as under a number of prestigious and historic imprint names.

Fairchild Books

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