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UX Design Strategy and Application: Customer Profiling and Design Sprints

Learn about the role of customer profiling and design sprints in creating positive user experiences.

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Explore customer profiling and user personas

70% of people managers have increased the headcount of their design team in the past year, and UX designers are in particularly high demand.

The chief responsibility of a UX designer is to optimise customer experiences across new products and existing offerings.

One way UX designers do this is through conducting user research and building customer personas.

This course will equip you with the skills to evaluate research and data to inform customer profiles, identify different personas and gain a deep understanding of how users interact with a product.

You will examine elements of organisational culture including employee experience design (EXD), cross cultural design and the 6 cultural dimensions.

You will also learn how to employ visual tools such as culture maps to understand the people who make up an organisation and what makes them tick.

Understand Lean and Agile methodologies

You will discover problem solving techniques and project management methodologies such as ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’.

You will consider and evaluate the effectiveness of these approaches and participate in discussions around the pros and cons of methods such as ‘waterfall project management’.

Learn how to create a design sprint

You will investigate the key elements of a design sprint, how they work and why they are important for ensuring positive user experiences. Once you are familiar with the core principles you will experiment with creating a design sprint of your own using Jira.

By the end of the course you will be able to apply knowledge of design sprints, customer personas and project management methodologies to advance a career in UX design.


  • Week 1

    Introduction to the course and organisational culture

    • Introduction to the course

      An introduction to the course and a look at how the course is structured. You will also become familiar with the assessment criteria and expectations of Week 1.

    • Introduction to people and culture

      An introduction to the key concepts required to understand organisational culture.

    • The importance of organisational culture

      It’s often the case that we need to understand something to change it. The same can be said for organisational culture – we start this process in this overview.

    • Wrap-up

      To complete the week, let’s recap the key points covered so far.

  • Week 2

    Evaluating organisational culture

    • Introduction

      Introduction to the week's activities and outcomes.

    • Building and leveraging organisational culture

      A look at the use of culture maps to help designers apply empathy to design cross-culturally.

    • Wrap-up

      To complete the week, let’s recap the key points covered so far.

  • Week 3

    Introduction to project management methodologies

    • Introduction

      Introduction to the week's activities and outcomes.

    • Introduction to project management methodologies

      Henry Ford said 'Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.' Using this as the basis for reiterative design, we look at valuable project management methodologies and tools.

    • Types of project management methodologies

      A short overview of project management methodologies that will prove useful across UX design (e.g. Lean and Agile).

    • Wrap-up

      To complete the week, let’s recap the key points.

  • Week 4

    Application of project management methodologies

    • Introduction

      Overview of the week's activities and learning outcomes.

    • Designing in sprints

      A short description of how to apply Agile to UX design.

    • Course wrap-up

      To complete the week and the course, let’s recap the key points.

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Learning on this course

On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Define moments of users and moments of customers
  • Evaluate data and research to inform customer profiles and personas
  • Identify different types of personas
  • Articulate lean and agile approaches
  • Identify key elements of a design sprint

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at anyone looking to improve their UX design skills.

This might include:

  • entry-level or intermediate Graphic or Digital Designers looking to expand their knowledge and skillsets in UX design.
  • aspiring product managers who need to understand the pivotal role UX design plays in successful product development.
  • non-technical digital team leaders looking to better understand critical concepts in UX design and the Design Thinking process.

What software or tools do you need?

During the course we’ll be using Canva.

Who will you learn with?

I create positive impact through Design Thinking.

Mainly across topics such as Business & Service design, UX/CX/EX Design, Product Management, Strategy, Innovation, Training & Facilitation.

Who developed the course?


FutureLearn is a leading social learning platform and has been providing high quality online courses for learners around the world over the last ten years.

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About this ExpertTrack

Develop UX skills in customer journey mapping, service design and customer profiling.

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