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A repository of hinge-point questions?

A repository of hinge-point questions?
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As Dylan has explained hinge-point questions can be reusable between teachers in a way that lesson plans, tasks and activities are often not.
This re-usability means that, while writing effective hinge-point questions takes time and practice, there are great opportunities for STEM teachers to share the questions they have developed and collaborate to further improve them.
In this step we encourage you to share in the comments section hinge-point questions you have written (linking to your posts on the Padlet Wall as appropriate). We also ask you to reflect upon how your participation in this course, and your use of the questions, has helped you to further develop your skills.

A crowd-sourced collection of HPQs

In Step 3.13 you were encouraged to take on board any feedback from your peer learners and then share more polished questions via the Padlet Wall.
In this way we should have built a modest crowd-sourced repository of shared hinge-point questions (HPQs) for the benefit of all. Of course no guarantees can be given as to the quality of the HPQs but such a body of materials might form the basis of a more filtered subset of questions that have been quality assured.
The National STEM Learning Centre is actively exploring avenues by which such an ‘HPQ Repository’ might be created and developed in a sustainable way; the Diagnostic Questions site and Project Quantum introduced on Step 4.6 may be signposting the future direction of travel.
To stay in touch and/or participate in developments you may wish to bookmark this Community Resource on the STEM Learning website or to consider joining the Community Group dedicated to the discussion of HPQs that was established during the first run of this course.
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