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Leadership Practice with Impact

Welcome to this Deakin University unit, MPL700: Leadership Practice with Impact, where we will explore leadership theories.

This program is part of the Leadership degree offered by Deakin University

Welcome to the program

This unit is designed for students undertaking leadership studies. This unit aims to deliver a detailed grounding of leadership theories, concepts, and issues. It is an introduction to leadership and will be the theoretical foundation upon other leadership units. It is normally the first leadership unit for students. It is delivered wholly online, with students taking full responsibility for their learning and progress. Through readings, online lectures, podcasts, discussion boards, and individual activities, students will engage with leadership theories and apply them to their own workplaces.


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Who will you learn with?

Dr Zitong Sheng is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Management, Deakin Business School.

Kate is an organisational consultant and has taught in MBA programs for more than 16 years. She has a PhD in leadership. Her website is at

Learning outcomes

  • Synthesise leadership theories and critique their application in authentic leadership contexts.
  • Apply leadership theories to complex leadership problems.
  • Analyse their own leadership role and make recommendations for change.

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