New York Institute of Finance program

Mergers and Acquisitions

Explore the world of mergers and acquisitions, from theory to structuring deals to accounting, with this flexible program.

  • Overview 5 courses + 1 assessment
  • Duration 14 weeks
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  • Credential $1,165 + £388 More info
  • Program Professional credential

Learn how to execute successful mergers and acquisitions, and boost your professional development

Mergers and acquisitions can be complicated to manage and complete. On this flexible set of courses you will gain a wide-reaching understanding of this area of business, at the same time as developing as a business or finance professional.

You will learn about the market interdependencies that underpin mergers and acquisitions, before moving on to more practical elements of mergers and acquisitions like accounting, legal structures, and cash flow modelling.

At the end of the program you should have a better understanding of pre to post merger integration and feel more confident in handling mergers and acquisitions.

Courses and assessment

5 courses and 1 final assessment

How does our pricing work?

$1,056 USD - Course Purchases
$109 USD - Course Upgrades
£388 GBP - Final Assessment

How do paid courses work?

Paid courses are designed for professionals looking to advance their careers and learn alongside a small group of like minded individuals.

Unlike regular courses, which can be upgraded for a small charge, paid courses cannot be taken for free.

Paid courses include all the benefits of a free course that has been upgraded - such as unlimited access and a downloadable Certificate of Achievement to demonstrate your success when you become eligible*.

*To be eligible for a Certificate of Achievement, you need to:

  • Upgrade your course - you can do this at any point, before, during or after the course
  • Mark 90% of the steps in the course as complete
  • Attempt every test question and score an average of 70% across all course tests

How do course upgrades work?

If you want to spend more time on course material and better demonstrate what you've learned, you may choose to upgrade each course. You can upgrade your courses at any point after you enrol.

When you upgrade a course, you get ongoing access to the course material for as long as the course exists on FutureLearn. This means you can return to the subject whenever you like.

You will also be given access to any course tests, and the ability to qualify for a downloadable and printed Certificate of Achievement to show what you’ve achieved.

What is the final assessment?

The final assessment is designed to rigorously test your understanding of the subject. This test is marked by experts and enables you to demonstrate your learning to yourself and to employers.

The assessment is summative and may include a multiple-choice test, or tutor-marked assignment.

Passing the final assessment unlocks the academic or professional recognition associated with completing an entire FutureLearn program, plus a FutureLearn Award.

To be eligible for the final assessment, you must upgrade on each individual course or buy Unlimited and attain a Certificate of Achievement for all of the courses in the program. The final assessment must be purchased separately.

Are these the final prices?

Yes. There are no additional fees. The price you see here includes everything - such as test fees, tuition and any additional accreditation provided by the course.

Taught by experienced finance experts

Founded on the institutional knowledge that built the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is a global leader in training for the Investment Banking industry and related financial services.

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