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Drs. M.L. (Marlous) de Haan

has completed the following course:

Digital Wellbeing

University of York

This course explored the impact of digital technology on our health, relationships and society, and steps we can take to ensure our own digital wellbeing. It investigated new and established technologies and their impact on society, looking at both the positive and negatives.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Heidi Fraser-Krauss

Director of Information Services

University of York

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Learning outcomes

  • Engage with some of the current areas of research on digital identity and wellbeing
  • Discuss the various facets of digital wellbeing and the associated implications on both a personal and social level
  • Identify some of the benefits and risks of engaging in particular online activities with regards to personal wellbeing
  • Reflect on personal digital practices and the impact they have on digital identity and wellbeing
  • Collaborate in a safe and responsible way in online communities, considering impact on others


  • Introduction to the digital society and wellbeing, considering new and established digital technologies, modern culture and trends
  • Exploration of digital identity, and the balance of online and offline activities
  • Consideration of negative behaviours online, and strategies and approaches for managing them
  • Positive uses of technology for our health, society and education.

Issued on 4th January 2022

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Digital Wellbeing

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