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Certificate of Achievement

Manos Zeakis

has completed the following course:

Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

Raspberry Pi Foundation

This course explored how to create simple systems that respond to and control the physical world using the Raspberry Pi and Python.

4 weeks, 2 hours per week


Philip Colligan

Chief Executive Officer

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Carrie Anne Philbin

Director of Education

Raspberry Pi Foundation


Learning outcomes

  • Develop understanding of how the Raspberry Pi can be used as a tool for physical computing.
  • Apply knowledge of programming concepts to control digital inputs and outputs.
  • Explore practical applications of inputs and outputs to make a project.
  • Reflect on your learning and create ideas for your classroom practice.
  • Identify ways of engaging learners in physical computing in your learning context.


  • Introduction to the Raspberry Pi computer. Explore setting up the Raspberry Pi hardware and software and booting your Pi for the first time.
  • Write your first simple Python program, and make a simple reaction game.
  • Consider the importance of success and failure when learning.
  • Discover how simple circuits work, how to connect an LED to your Raspberry Pi, and how to switch your LED on and off using Python code to create light sequences.
  • Understand different kinds of input devices that can be used to sense the real world. Connect and take input from a simple button, and learn how to build your own buttons from simple craft materials.
  • Apply your knowledge about physical computing to create a digital making project that is shared with and reviewed by your peers.

Issued on 10th June 2018

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Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

Raspberry Pi Foundation