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Certificate of Achievement

René Marsilli Hernández

has completed the following course:

Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking

The Open University

The course outlined basic networking techniques, both face to face and online, to improve opportunities for learners and their professional contacts. It covers ways of overcoming barriers, optimising the mutual value of networks in the longer term by a conscious approach to planning and prioritising

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dave Hall

University Secretary

The Open University

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Learning outcomes

  • Apply the principles of effective networking
  • Improve your impression-management skills in a professional context
  • Develop your analytical and prioritisation skills
  • Identify, select and use online tools to enhance your digital presence
  • Develop the potential of your personal brand


  • Nature and benefits of networking
  • Barriers to networking and how to overcome them
  • Frameworks for self-assessment and communicating professional strengths and interests
  • Interpersonal skills including giving and receiving feedback, listening and using appropriate body language
  • Online communication in a professional context
  • Fundamentals of brand equity as applied to individuals
  • Monitoring, evaluation and planning for improving the mutual value of networking activity

Issued on 9th March 2017

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Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking

The Open University